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    Business Development Directorship Program

    Welcome to AfterStarter Congratulations for seeing and reaching this Level! Therefore enjoy the opportunities this Director Offers, lets explore Director II. To continue your income stream by adding n and developing 3 – 5 Approved, Operating and Scaling Jumpstarters those that you have brought into Jumpstarter Program.

    By these referrals you have Earn Business Development thru the First Tier I BCD and Web Product SEO Scaling Consultation at no charge. Terms as Agreed. Earn upto .5% per Gross Revenue per Jumpstarter Director III – 6-10 Active, and Scaling Jumpstarter Executive 01 – 11 and up Scaling Jumpstarters You have Brought and Maintained Executive 02 – 20 Plus Scaling and 2+ BCD Qualifiable and Active Companies with Eligible Firms with a Director with the Qualifications of 680 Personal Credit score to go along with grow Business Credit upto II Tier.

    Executive 03 – 50 Plus Scaling Jumpstarters and 11 + BCD engaged Firms that are building their Websites and can now use our Marketing Partners to SEO our up and coming Companies that have graduated thru our Process. And Join our Credit to Assets and Assets to Income Investments. Most of these endeavors and Real Estate, Tangible Assets including Digital Technology.

    Executive IV – all the Above – You are a Rain Maker who cannot be stopped – A General Leading Teams to Pool Assets for Greater Gains of Assets to Income.