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The Jumpstarter Program accelerates the lane of merchant finance, a valuable tool for the Entrepreneur and the business they startup. Merchant Processing is a staple for Companies to accept payments for their goods and services worldwide via Credit Cards. A Merchant Processor approval helps companies not only accept a wide range of payments via the internet or by way of E-Commerce where their Customers pay remotely, therefore building valuable Data of where the most Customer support is coming from. This helps to better target the markets that have the most interest in these Products or Services and where the most demand in this demographic to target their marketing dollars for the highest yield possible. In addition, this Data is used by Banks and other Merchant Sources to evaluate Companies for higher income potential approvals when obtaining new Merchant Relationships, in addition to strengthen Business Loan qualifications with Banks. Having a strong Merchant Data base is one of the Key Lanes in Business Credit Development or BCD as we refer to it in the industry. One being a healthy sales portfolio that scaled from 0 to Hundreds of thousands to Millions in USD a Month. Strong sales thru E- commerce/Web sales is a lane that your company must develop to qualify for working capital via lending based solely on a company’s ecommerce sales data.

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