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    Associates who join our Jumpstarter Program become eligible to earn hands free income when an approved Merchant account goes active AND can Scale in Transactions from our Client Partner’s Sites. The Jumpstarter Associate can earn a .5% Commission as these Transactions clear to the designated Bank Account.

    Commissions on Active Scaling Accounts will receive weekly distributions once the funds are made available in the Select Company’s Business Bank Account.

    Note Once Scaling /Building of Sales Transactions have commenced; these transactions produce on average gross over $100,000 per Month.

    This is done hands free remember, your portion is only to Supply your information to be a Representative Associate of a Company that manages the backend of the Process. Remember there is a Client with a Ecommerce Web Store that is using our front end services in the form of Marketing and Advertising Campaigns developed and run by our Partners. Therefore, your portion is very lucrative versus the efforts the Jumpstarter Associate has to put forth.

    We connect all the parts, and a very limited workload is ever asked of the Representatives, with the except for being prompt in supplying any necessary information that the Merchants Services Provider may request of you/us.

    In addition, we supply the Jumpstarter Associate Representative with a Company Structure either a corporation or a DBA to Participate in this program.

    Should the Representative Associate choose to continue with the Company Structure outside of Jumpstarter E-Commerce Solutions we will Coworx (Cowork) with them to further develop the Company with one of our Business Development Offerings as will grow it together.